Travel is our passion and coming from management background we blend travel and management together. we are determined by the idea of providing richer learning experiences for young gen. we are quite competent not only to provide a highly professional service but even to handle any issues 10 times more faster and efficient than the nearest competitor.

What we do

We provide the following services to Schools, Educational Institutes, Colleges etc.

  • Student Educational Trips
  • Industrial Tour Packages
  • Student Pilgrimage Tours
  • Student Training Programs
  • Adventure Sports Activities
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Rural Tours for Students
  • Historic Tours for Students
  • Scientific Tours for Students
  • Events Management
  • Travel Management during the Tour

We try to include Adventure Activities (If possible), Rural Visits, Science & Fiction and Historic programs in each Tour we provide.

We Are Different

  • Industry selection
  • Group Insurance
  • Every Moment will be shot & captured
  • One special secret element
  • kinds or take away
  • One Complimentary Workshop